how to do nothing

I would like to start by awarding myself the title of a true procrastinator. A procrastinator is, by definition, a person who can do 3 minutes of work in 7 hours and 7 hours of work in 3 minutes. I’ve learned to use that desperation to motivate myself, and you can definitely find me completing homework five minutes before a class or even better, scrawling sums as the teacher collects the books.

That being said, my personality undergoes a serious makeover at the start of every summer holidays and I shift into overdrive. The last day of school, my friends and I have collectively created a summer plan list including working out daily, finishing chapters left right and center, throwing parties and meeting with people.

The perfect summer was planned and then, the plans fell through. Like pulling a block from a giant jenga tower and watching the facade crumble, I felt disappointed, mainly because it was my illness that had prevented me from travelling. I’ve been diagnosed with colitis for about 7 years now, but this was the year when the Universe decided to screw me over and I spent the summer in remission. (no disrespect to the Universe though. I wouldn’t want worse luck upon myself.)

What really stung though, was that I perceived this as my last chance to travel until summer next year, when my board exams would be over. Life was piling up around me, and I wanted to escape before an inevitable collapse under ICSE revision sheets. My family also wanted a last minute vacation, so we chose Goa, India. Even by my procrastinator standards, planning a last-minute vacation in peak tourist season is hard, and finally we were on the plane, awaiting clear skies and beaches.

We stayed at the Taj Aguada Fort and Hotel, which despite being jampacked with tourists, was really accommodating and right next to the beach (all I really wanted). To avoid the sheer number, we took to following Byzantine routes; eating early and running down to the sea or jumping in the pool while everyone was having lunch.

There were so many things to do in Goa (more on that later), but I was content to sit by the shore, even though the sea proved too rough to even wade in, frothy and almost black. Most of the restaurants were preparing to close for the monsoon and the thick heat finally culminated in a large storm, leaving the ocean thrashing even more. But this was my happy place and I was just relieved that I had no school.

I share many neurotic character traits with some of the worlds favourite characters; Hermione Granger, Amy Santiago and Monica Geller. The spontaneous trip taught me that life doesn’t always need a perfect plan and that I should live in the moment. It may sound a little cliched, but I can assure you, it’s straight from the heart.