about me

My name is Maya Viegas (I’m extremely proud of my surname.) I am thirteen.

I was born in Canada, lived in Singapore, spent time in England and now in India. I have experienced many places but that’s not enough.

I love travelling. Sounds clichéd, but I love it.

From a young age, my parents took me on numerous trips, to many places. I loved them all, though I was petrified of flying.

Waiting for hours in a giant metal tube with the sickly smell of air freshener is worth it when you touch down and realise you have the whole experience ahead of you. For me, that is the best part.

I want to become a nomad like the ones you see on Youtube, cruising with friends, dining with family, awake in the backseat, my camera trained on the early sunrise. OK, maybe I can’t do all that at once ’cause I’m only thirteen. But I can still travel. I can still blog about my adventures, my experiences.

What do I like?

I love running and swimming and pranking people. I wouldn’t go to sleep if I had the chance. I can eat a whole pineapple but ask me to eat papaya and I’ll puke all over your face. English is my favourite subject. The music I like changes every three days and I can listen to the same song for hours on end if I want to.My current hobbies are fangirling over youtubers (02l and Weekly Chris) and books (Percy Jackson and Sophie Mckenzie). I play the piano and shoot baskets. I am obsessed with minions and dogs . I am also waiting for the day when my satyr will come to take me to camp half blood, or the day that my whatsapp group will finally commit to one of the plans we make.

And I realise that I may not be a  travel blogger  with their cameras on fleek and breathtaking landscape beneath; but this is my start.

I haven’t been everywhere.

But it’s on my list.