the ostrich farm

While browsing the internet a couple of days ago, I saw a tag that I found interesting. Other travel bloggers were sharing their weirdest experiences, from octopi on sticks, to underground temples and intrepid walks through undiscovered jungles. Wow. I haven’t done any several-worlds-beyond-believable exciting type stuff because I nearly fainted the time I ate beef jerky and was told it was panther meat. Or the time I dropped bird food I was holding to avoid the army of parakeets flying my way. Nevertheless I have done some weird things, the most memorable being befriending an ostrich and dancing with a snake.

It had been a while since both these ‘incidents’ so I poured through the pictures I had of each trip. There was my family, standing in puffy jackets in Edinburgh, or covered in paraphernalia from Disneyland (truth be told I started wailing at the sight of Mickey), or even lounging in the sand in Goa. Finally I found the trip I had taken a while ago- to Malaysia.

When I was six or seven, my family embarked on the first road trip I’d ever been on, to Desaru. I was thrilled, because the fifth member of the trip proved to be a pink GPS with a matching stylus and furry cover. It had only been a few years since the whole touchscreen phase of phones had begun. The only phones I had seen were the flip phones or Nokias that were so strong they could withstand a drop from the tenth floor (I know, I tried). Using every chance I could to touch or look at the GPS became my new mission.

Our holiday in Desaru was surprisingly boring, so boring that we drove home early. As a kid, I didn’t realize because the hotel had a beach and that was truly enough for me. We spent our days driving to plantains and parks until we took a trip to an ostrich farm. I was shocked. . Up til this point, when anybody said ‘farm’ I pictured cows and sheep and horses grazing in fields and an old man wearing a pair of overalls and checkered shirt.

Instead there were dusty pens filled with baby birds and big birds and eggs. Just all ostrich. I was bewildered. We toured around the huge farm and stopped to pet ostriches- who towered over me. We even got to stand on eggs. Huh. It was like literally walking on eggshells.

It was amazing to touch and see these feathery giants, but definitely extremely weird too.

My weirdest experience probably doesn’t compare to all the crazy adventures out there, but I’m always on the lookout for interesting things- and one day, my time will come too.


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