scenes from paradise

The rainy season has hit Mumbai, covering roads with sludge and turning the skies grey, which is ironic since the farms in India are still struggling with drought. However, the rainy weather brings gloomy days and stormy nights, reducing all motivation to study or work.

It got to the point that while I was compiling this post, I could barely stop myself from drooling over the fluffy clouds and blue skies. But hey, welcome to the Maldives.


The city of Male stretches behind me. Male is actually made up of an airport island and a city island, with ferries leaving from one to the other every 15 minutes. Although I’d heard a lot about the city, we didn’t explore it until our last day.


Within 5 minutes of reaching our island, Bandos, and already in love.


The first few days were passed in a haze of lounging on the beach, walking to the beach, or swimming at the beach.


There were these little grey fish everywhere.


And lizards too.


The baby sharks, native to this island,  were definitely my favorite part. While lying in the shallows, a tiny shark would be picked up by the strong currents and whisked towards you. Kinda funny watching the oceans deadliest predator struggling against little waves. Heh.


No words for this picture.





The light blue patches on the ocean mark the areas of shallow sea where the corals lie. It was really interesting how a light patch could become dark suddenly, a sheer drop towards the ocean floor.




This picture made me feel like a National Geographic photographer. The lizard’s obvious disdain shows he disagrees.




The unending ocean under the marbled sky. Now, back to the gloom and rain and unending homework I seem to have.

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