mango beach calling

I came back from a school trip to Karjat with all of my classmates. We were all massively sleep deprived, as F.R.I.E.N.D.S only came on at 1.25 am, we had been occupied with stealing snacks and trying to play cards during the earlier shows. Inexplicably, my bag had begun to also exude a lemony smell; no doubt it was the result of constant reapplication of a Citrus facewash, masking the fact that I hadn’t had time to take a proper shower.

Even though I was exhausted, I was absolutely delighted when my parents suggested we make a short family trip to Alibaug. Last year, we had gone to Alibaug too; but we had missed out on so many activities.

A day later; we hit the road, I had my earplugs in and ‘Here (the Lucian Remix)’ on full volume.

No family car journey can be complete without losing the directions, and we found ourselves wandering into Indian villages and bumpy roads. Proof that the music filled, tumblr, pacific coast road trips aren’t real. 😦 But really, my expectations had been fully shattered as we drove past the same herd of cows for the fifth time.

Two left turns and another right turn later, we reached the hotel. For the record, the hotel is tucked away. I appreciated that, coming from the bright lights and constant bickering of Mumbai. In fact, we were the only people at the hotel. I found this a little bit awkward at first, but soon I found myself taking over the place; shamelessly walking everywhere in track pants and a messy bun.

I love the Mango Beach House. It’s a small resort; a five-minute walk to the Kihim Beach.

The hotel itself is spread out, the pool glittering under the hot sun, a lantern garden, and TVs everywhere (yes, I kept up my F.R.I.E.N.D.S streak). The beach is unbelievably clean, with rocky grey sand and pretty shells littered everywhere. Occasionally, big brown birds decide to grace the beach; but don’t stay long enough for pictures.

If you walk further along the beach, you can find quad bikes and camel rides, people playing beach football and vendors selling weird plastic bangles.

Eventually, when night had fallen; I took refuge inside my room (from the frequent mosquito attacks) and wondered whether I should start watching Suits too.




7 Travel Life Hacks

I’d like to say I find travel easy. But the truth is, I really struggle with the organizing-packing-planning part of the trip. Or how many times I’ve missed activities or sightseeing because of my tendency to be scattered all over the place.

I could definitely win a prize for cringeing  the most during travels to exotic places. An outhouse with mud and no paper? No thanks. A hotel without any phone chargers? *sighs and screams internally*

Therefore, I’d like to share my top 7 travel related life hacks with you:

–   Use clothespins to protect toothbrushes from touching dirty counters. This is a literal lifesaver, especially because clothespins are easy and cheap to buy and find.

– Keep any spare money in an empty chapstick container. When you’re done with the chapstick, just wash up the container, roll the notes, and slip them inside. Another option, for women, is to keep it inside a sanitary pad pouch; just make sure that you seal it.IMG_2138.JPG

– If you forget the plug from your phone charger, or the hotel has a different outlet (the struggle is real!) you can use the back of your TV. Most TVs have a USB outlet that’ll charge your phone. Just don’t forget the aux cord.

– Make a temporary waterproof phone case by placing your phone inside a Ziploc bag and sealing it tightly.  Warning: this probably won’t work if you dive into a lake. It’s more of a hack for rain, or puddles.

– Line your backpack with a bin bag. I cannot tell you how many times I’ve returned to my hotel, to find that everything in my bag has miraculously managed to open out, and somehow my water bottle decided to leak. I actually found this from Buzzfeed (the rest I’ve used from day to day travel) but this is probably my favorite hack- hands down.

– Plan your clothes beforehand. Believe it or not, but rolling your clothes is apparently more space efficient and so much easier for all the people who can’t fold properly *coughs loudly*. Also an ideal outfit to wear to the airport is probably slippers, trackpants, and layering from t shirts to hoodies (depending on where you are). Slippers are more time efficient, in case security requires that you remove your shoes, and trackpants are just really comfy.

-My last hack for travelling is to leave a day extra. This may be hard for those on a time deadline, but you can use the extra day to complete any last minute tours or destinations. Otherwise, use the time to just explore the city without a plan and just kinda wing it. This gives you a chance to see places you’ll never have seen before, and gives you a chance to explore the hidden gems in any city.

So, yeah. Those are my favorite travel life hacks. I’m gonna be posting from Alibag next week, so I’ll keep y’all posted.