if i had a million dollars

So, my exams are finally over, and I can start blogging more often again. I’m definitely relieved, although that’s a short feeling of obliviousness until my papers are handed back. Such positivity.

But as I haven’t been able to travel recently, I’ve decided to complete a tag that I found online. I’m not sure exactly where I found it, sometime during those three-hour internet quests, that I make too often. Anyways it was really interesting to see what everybody had to say about their dream destination; New York, India, Hong Kong, UAE, and Africa were some of the popular choices.

So, if I had a million dollars…where would I go? Well let’s see. I feel like I’d either do Europe or Australia. Australia is actually my first option, but I have a crippling fear of snakes. I genuinely don’t mind the sharks, bugs, or possibilities of being stranded in the Outback. It’s the elongated carnivorous reptiles of the suborder serpentes that really scare me. Also, I’d like to thank Wikipedia for that definition of snakes, and Google images for producing several pictures even though I didn’t really want them.

However, Australia is just so dazzling, with the vibrant sunsets, the indigenous animals, the rugged outback, and jagged moss covered cliffs above the foamy sea.

But I’m equally tempted by the cyan colored canals of Venice, the faded rising houses from the shallow seas of Greece, the remains of the Empire in Rome.

Since I’m at a crossroads, I’ll use my perfected methods to make any hard decisions.

I’ll flip a coin.

And Australia it is!

I’m not sure where my journey would begin, but I’d like to start at Queensland and do a whole circle of the country. I’d definitely love to camp under the starry sky of the outback, try some water sports, visit the Sydney Opera House, and see the famous Uluru.

And yes, I’d flip a coin to choose my next destination.   🙂


Picture above: A view of Fraser Island from my bed.

Also, please don’t get me wrong; if I actually had a million dollars, I’d donate most of it to charity.


just add summer songs

My Travel Playlist.

When I visit the beach, or for that matter, anywhere in summer, I always bring my favourite music with me. And I love listening to summer music, it kinda completes the picture, and saves me from imminent boredom occasionally. I made a list of my top 22 favourite summer songs- of all time.

  1. Waves- Robin Schulz Radio Edit
  2. No Money- Gatlantis
  3. Lush Life- Zara Larrsson (please check)
  4. Cake By The Ocean- DNCE
  5. Sweet Lovin’-Sigala
  6. When The Bassline Drops-Craig David
  7. Light it Up- Major Lazer
  8. You Know You Like it- DJ Snake and Aluna George
  9. California-Jack and Jack
  10. I took A Pill in Ibiza- Mike Posner
  11. Kiss Me- Olly Murs
  12. Can’t Stop The Feeling- Justin Timberlake
  13. Gold-Kiiara
  14. Borderline- Tove Skyre
  15. Get Ugly- Jason Derulo
  16. Don’t Mind- Kent Jones
  17. Down in The DM- Dj Flex Remix
  18. Summertime Sadness-Lana Del Ray
  19. Fireflies-Owl City
  20. Chasing The Sun- The Wanted
  21. Days Go By- Dirty Vegas
  22. Hymn For The Weekend-Coldplay

So there they are. I hope you liked them, or you found some useful. If you have any more summer songs, you can leave them in the comments.