things to try in amsterdam


Numero uno is to take pictures with the iconic I AMSTERDAM letters, located at the airport, and near the main tram station. My flight conveniently chose to land while a crowd was queuing up near the bold letters and I didn’t get a snapshot though.

Cycle through the Vondelpark. With the bronzed sunlight poking through the trees, and the people milling about with coffees, kids playing in the tall grasses, this is quite a social destination in Amsterdam. If you can’t cycle- don’t worry, you can grab your fluorescent running gear and jog around the multiple tracks.

A stroll down Prisengracht. This is the street of the famous Anne Frank House. Multiple canoe tours are all over this street, brick bridges, pancakes from the gods, and a cheese and tulip museum across the road.

Smoothies at a juice bar.  You’ll find plenty, tucked away on vintage streets, bustling with customers, or smelling of strawberries, banana and honey.

Visit all of the museums in the Museum Square. That’s the Stedelijk Museum, the Van Gogh Museum, and the Rijksmuseum not far away.

The Nine Streets. Also known to locals as De Negen Straatjes, these are nine quiet streets with plenty of vintage and designer shops. It’s a two minute walk from Prisengracht.

The Amsterdam Bos. For this, you may need a day as there is so much to see and do. You’ll also need to plan whether you’ll want to book climbing park tickets, visit the pancake farm, a jeep tour, the running trails, rent cycles or just walk along the huge lake.

Canal tours. Duh. Amsterdam is famous for its gorgeous waterways and bridges galore.

Central Station. This is the place where you can book tickets for any activities. Also the NEMO science museum is a five minute walk from here.

Lunch at a pancake place by the canals.

A random ride through the trams to discover the unseen parts of the city.

A Yellow or Red bike tour through the main tourist attractions.

A midnight walk past the lit, beautiful houses.

And one last picture with the letters before you board your flight again.



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