For a change of scenery from the narrow sloping buildings, we took the tram down to the Amsterdam Bos- the forest of Amsterdam.

The houses and mansions were replaced with dark green trees, long grey lakes, cabins and gazebos, trails and farmhouses.

I came with a goal, to get a chance to treetop-walk along one of the courses that the forest had to offer. Yet, my plan was sabotaged when it turned out that my group was full and I couldn’t take part.

Mellowed out, and walking under light drizzle, we headed to the different parts of the park. The national canoe races were taking place, and bright coloured long boats were speeding up and down. Every now and then, a cyclist would pass us with a large hearty cry in Dutch. Sometimes, we had to make way for a whole group.

Finishing the lake walk, we found a pancake farm. Yes, yes a common find in the Netherlands. Also, the drizzle had considerably lightened, and thin white clouds were shining. It was a perfect view for any nature trekker, I half expected Nat Geo to show up carrying all sorts of camera equipment. Then again, I expect a lot.

So yes, while in Amsterdam- plan a day to cycle, walk or even just be in the park. And be prepared to hear me say ‘I told you so’ when Bear Grylls walks in.

2016-05-22 18.07.06.jpg

Canoe Races.



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