in manner of moving


We just shifted into our new apartment. At first, before the move, I was under the impression that I would have to say bye to all of the friends I had in my building. I was pretty relieved when my parents said that we would just be moving to another wing- same apartment.

See, I actually don’t mind moving house. Of course I don’t like the packing stage, when I uncover long lost objects that used to be so important. Or the unpacking stage when I can’t decide where I should put everything. I start out by organising every meticulous detail, and as my boredom levels increase, I resort to shoving everything in a cupboard. Sometimes I have to go for days without TV or Wifi which sends me into a state of panic. I plan on camping for months in the desolate wilderness with my friends, so this is ironic. Then, there are my friends. Most of the moves- I haven’t really had to say goodbye to them thanks to social media, or the fact that it’s just a different house in the same area. However, I still never look forward to saying bye- even if it’s not for long.

A couple of good tips that I would advise about moving- they’ve helped me over the years is to ‘spring clean’ while you move. Get rid of any unwanted stuff. Every move I’ll find myself sitting, covered in old Christmas cards and yearbooks. Oh- and don’t get me started on those dried out markers and rogue crayons I find everywhere. Another great idea is to add some pillows, or soft fluffy objects to a box full of breakables. It works- trust me.

When I reach the new house, I explore every corner and start pretending that I know where to put things. The truth is, unless I have a really really strong image of a certain object, I am clueless as how to organise my room.

Often I’ll stare at the design magazines for ages, where people have posted their amazing rooms, some simple but cute, some artsy enough to be the home of a tumblr goddess, some chaotically messy. I try to pick out a theme for myself but usually I blend most themes together.

Plus,when I grow up I plan on living in at least 50 different places a year- from loft apartments in London to a beach house in Bali, mansion in Prague and my cave in Hawaii (Please don’t ask).

So, while it’s not easy- I gotta say it’s pretty cool to move.


Top: Rock climbing.

Bottom: Just.


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